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Just because the economy seems to be bouncing back doesn’t necessarily mean American families are out of the woods when it comes to their mortgages. Many struggling families found themselves the victims of foreclosure rescue scams. For these families, the pain and struggle of being taken advantage of don’t end when the economy struggle does.

For families that have found themselves victims of foreclosure scams, the initial draw was the promise of stopping foreclosure efforts while allowing them to stay in their homes. Unfortunately, these scam artists don’t care about the American family. Their main drive was not stopping foreclosure, but continuing profits for themselves.

While these foreclosure scams vary in nature and operation, their mission is simple. They promise homeowners protection from foreclosure while taking payment on services that they never plan to deliver. In some cases, these foreclosure scam artists have even stolen the equity or ownership of their clients’ homes.

Avoid Getting Scammed

Your foreclosure attorney in Miami should be able to advise you about certain do’s and don’ts that will ensure you do not become a victim of a foreclosure rescue scam: 

  • Be alert if a mortgage modification company asks for a large upfront fee for their services.
  • Continue to engage with (and listen to) your loan servicer even if your modification company asks you to stop direct communication (and let them do the negotiating).
  • Do not pay a modification company instead of your servicer. If the modification makes such a request, it is a red flag.
  • Always consult with a reputable foreclosure attorney in Miami.

While there are several telltale signs that a homeowner is being taken for a ride, the only sure-fire way of identifying a scam is to discuss it with a skilled foreclosure attorney. With their help and knowledge of the law, identifying a foreclosure scam may be easier than going it alone. At any given time, there are numerous fraudulent scams artists whose mission it is to take advantage of the American homeowner. It is near impossible for the average person to know all the different types of scams that are currently being played. For help identifying if you have been the victim of a foreclosure scam, an experienced foreclosure attorney can help.

Choose the Right Foreclosure Attorney in Miami to Guide You Through the Process 

To make the right decisions about a potential foreclosure in Miami, make sure you have an experienced attorney on your side. Trust the Lawyer of the Decade and the Largest Bankruptcy Firm in Florida! Call Patrick L. Cordero Law Offices today at 305-445-4855 or contact us online for a free consultation.