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Taking the step to meet with a bankruptcy attorney can be extremely scary. Chances are, if you have come to this point you have experienced your fair share of struggle and harassment. While most attorneys are prepared to evaluate your case and offer suggestions, their effectiveness and willingness to offer comprehensive legal advice may hinge on the amount of accurate and pertinent financial information you provide them.

To make the process of your first meeting run as smoothly as possible, there are several things you may want to bring along. Meeting with a bankruptcy attorney typically signifies significant financial troubles, so providing some groundwork that outlines these financial issues may be beneficial. By providing them with an accurate and comprehensive picture of your financial state, they may be able to offer you valuable advice and options.

A list of current and delinquent creditors, a proof of income and any lawsuit information you have received may serve to provide your attorney with an accurate picture of your finances. If you are not aware of any legal actions against you, you may wish to provide your attorney with a copy of your Social Security card or driver’s license. Many times, a bankruptcy attorney can do a legal search to identify any newly filed legal actions against you. You may also want to make a list of valuable assets, property and bank accounts to help your attorney identify any items that may be at risk of seizure.

By providing your attorney with as much relevant financial information as possible, he or she may be able to better address your concerns and give you effective legal advice that is specifically catered to your financial needs. Essentially, any information you have that is financial in nature may be important and should be brought to your first meeting. If you are still unsure of what information to bring to your first meeting, you may want to speak to a bankruptcy attorney for suggestions.