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Almost all homeowners are aware that there are programs available to help homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments. These programs have left a bad taste in the mouths of some homeowners who have worked to try to keep their mortgage payments up but still need help.

In Florida, more than 6,000 homeowners who are current on their mortgage payments have been denied assistance with their payments under one program that uses federal funding. The Hardest Hit Fund Principal Reduction Program, which is a $350 million program that can help homeowners who are current on their mortgages has helped approximately 2,230 homeowners. Applications for that fund aren’t being accepted now, but the applications already received are being reviewed. This program can help underwater homeowners to pay down up to $50,000 on their mortgages.

Another program, called the Modification Enabling Pilot Project, is expanding. This program was quietly opened in June of 2013. It is meant to help homeowners who have underwater mortgages and can no longer afford the payments because of a drop in income.

While these programs certainly each have a place for helping homeowners to avoid or stop foreclosure, one real estate consultant says that people who are delinquent in their mortgages shouldn’t be helped at the expense of homeowners who have worked to keep their mortgages current. He says that mortgage reduction programs should give preference to those who have kept up their end of the home loan by making payments.

Anyone who is facing foreclosure, whether it is an active foreclosure or an impending foreclosure, might have the right to take advantage of legal options to keep the home. Knowing what options are available to you might help you to decide which the most appropriate for your situation.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Questions raised about Florida program to help homeowners behind on mortgages” Susan Taylor Martin, May. 12, 2014